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The Next Generation of Contact Centers

The InfinitAI platform enables Contact Centers and Hubs to customize and deploy powerful Conversational AI Interfaces that provide instant, reliable assistance to agents on the job. Using chatbots, voice assistants and avatar video chat will give both your customers and your employees faster, more efficient experiences. With products like our Digital Contact Center at their disposal, your agents will be more productive than ever before.

Bots as a Service

Our Bots as a Service system allows customers to build and maintain as many chatbots as they like for internal projects, internal communications, customer communication and agent support, for a fixed price. We believe that, as the market grows and expands, clients will need ways to experiment, with thorough, dependable support, while keeping costs down. With BaaS, you pay for interactions with your published bots, and we provide an avenue for cost-controlled experimentation.

The service provides:

  • The InfinitAI Design Suite for developing Chatbots, Voice Assistants and Video Chat
  • Industry-specific and role-specific templates
  • A dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Monthly Creative service hours for system updates/new system development
  • Reduced rates on Consulting Services

What InfinitAI can do for you

Our Focus

What we do: Conversational Interfaces.

What we don’t do: CRM, Workforce Management, Voice Systems.

Essentially, we do Conversational Interfaces full stop, not Conversational Interfaces and. We believe that Conversational Interfaces represent a paradigm shift, one that requires us to focus on what’s new, rather than forcing the new into old, outmoded structures.

Our goal is to help you provide your agents and clients with the best digital customer experience possible. We believe in the importance of digital customer experiences, and these experiences can’t simply be treated as an add-on to existing customer service methods. Instead, we help you create new ways of engaging with and serving your digital customers by meeting demands for digital, self-service solutions.

Our Philosophy

We view Conversational Interfaces as more than novel tech. What we’ve seen of Conversational Interfaces, the ways in which these tools have been utilized, is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. They have the potential to transform and elevate the ways in which brands interact with their customers. We recognize that the push toward this transformation comes from your customers, that they determine which technologies brands (should) use, not the other way around.

We believe in evolution, not revolution. We don’t throw out the baby with the bath. Instead, we help our clients dip their toes into the water of Conversational Interfaces and help them evolve (affordably) from there.

We work hard to help our clients understand:

  • the capabilities of the technology we sell
  • the needs and wants of their digital customers
  • which technologies their customers favor
  • operational considerations
  • our “small-steps” evolution plan

50% of enterprises

will spend more on bots than mobile app development by 2021.


60% say

the contact center is the new competitive battleground.

* Enterprise survey

<20% of enterprises

either are implementing, or already have implemented, conversational AI.

* Compilation of industry research

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