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Who We Are

At InfinitAI, we work for passion and purpose.

Our passion is to create a better world. We donate a percentage of revenue to non-profits, we are eco-conscious, and we give employees time off to volunteer for social programs. We’re a B Corp—a for-profit company certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

1% pledge

Our purpose is providing new technologies that drive businesses forward. We have been in the conversational AI business for more than 55 years combined. We’ve built successful companies that brought us together to offer the easiest, most comprehensive platform for businesses to create and maintain chatbots, voice assistants and video chat. We’ve learned what works for businesses and what doesn’t. So we know what you need and how to ensure results.

Passion Led Us Here


Our mission is to build a profitable business that modernizes customer engagement with new technologies, while actively working to create a better and more inclusive world.


We see a future where bots are considered employees.  Their personality matches your culture, they learn and grow, and they provide exceptional (digital) customer experiences.


We are ethical, humble, honest, accountable and inclusive. We value teamwork over heroes. We have a creative environment where we all learn, grow and succeed together.

Why We Care

We believe a diverse and well supported workforce in an inclusive workspace provides superior results.

We believe that Artificial Intelligence is in its infancy and that it will, as it grows, create infinite opportunities to drive inclusion into a new frontier.

We believe in quality and want to provide opportunities that drive careers and set a lifetime standard of quality in our alumni.

We believe history has shown that civilizations prosper when they incorporate the skills of all their people and make space for all people to utilize these skills.

We believe in establishing inclusive practices that recognize and celebrate differences in race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexuality, size, age, ability, class and religion. We also believe that inclusion is more than a matter of recognition, that we must continually strive to maintain a workplace that is inclusive and accessible at all levels for our staff and clients.

We believe the original concept of the corporation, “to provide a service or product that would benefit the common good,” should still apply.

We believe it is our responsibility to do all we can as an organization to minimize our carbon footprint.

We believe we can include our community in our business and financial decisions, profitably

We believe real dollars matter for organizations that support services that drive inclusion. Therefore, we can manage our business responsibly and provide ongoing support to these organizations with the revenue we receive from our clients.

Your Team

We bring years of experience, education, focus, fun dispositions — and most of all — our dedication to making your business better.

Our Advisors

Meet the people who advise us, challenge us, support us and make us better at what we do for you.