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The InfinitAI Platform

The InfinitAI Development platform is the foundation of all the products offered by InfinitAI, including our Digital Contact Center.

The platform allows our clients to:

  • Design chatbot conversations
  • Integrate AI functionality (Natural Language Processing, Sentiment Analysis, Object Recognition, etc.)
  • Develop 3D animated characters
  • Integrate with augmented reality systems
  • Integrate data from internal, external and web sources
  • Develop analysis reports


The InfinitAI platform was built to integrate AI functionality from all of the major players: Google, Microsoft, Amazon, IBM. We augment their AI resources with our proprietary vertical AI skills, which include vertical terminology, workflows, personalities and data extensions.

The platform can be used in any vertical market and in a variety of functional areas.

InfinitAI design suite schematic and feature list