man pointing at open laptop with text: Products

I. InfinitAI Digital Contact Center

The InfinitAI Digital Contact Center is a product designed to efficiently support the new “Digital First” customer. More than a supplement to your existing voice system, our product creates a layer of digital support that serves as the entry point for all customers, addressing the issues it can and then connecting those in need of Live Support to an agent.

diagram of Digital Contact Center product and how it works

The Product:

• A digital interface consistent with your company's visual identity

• Constant updating of chat conversations

• Efficient routing to live agents, when appropriate

• Constant updating of digital information

• Standardized answers to customer inquiries

The Benefits:

• Digital consistency throughout the customer support journey

• Addressing customer expectations for “digital first” service

• Minimizing hold times, a major customer complaint

• Providing new opportunities for your agents

• Reducing Contact Center operational costs

II. InfinitAI Agent Assist

InfinitAI Agent Assist is a conversational interface designed to aid live agents in quickly retrieving and verifying data for callers/customers. Capable of collecting information from databases, the web, and other specified sources, Agent Assist makes your employees’ jobs easier by gathering everything they need in one place.

diagram of Agent Assist product and how it works

The Product:

• A comprehensive, intelligent query tool for your agents

• A flexible conversational interface

• Integration of diverse data sources

• Constant updating of digital information

The Benefits:

• Integration with your existing system(s)

• Minimized call times, speedier service

• Reduced stress and frustration for your agents

• Reduced Contact Center operational costs